Btec Co., Ltd was established on September 6th, 2006 based on the common ideas and aspirations of the founders which are to provide the products and services aimed at contributing to the quality improvement and high efficiency of the National Power Grids.

Taking actions based on the guideline that “People is our key to success”, and based on the human resources whose solid technical background and understanding, high professionalism in parallel with the highly devotedness and commitment to the shared value of the company and thanks to the satisfaction, good faith and strong supports from our customers, Btec Co., Ltd has made solid advancements over the last years.

Our main products and services in the capacity as the product supplier and promoter are as follows:

  • Fittings and Insulators, OPGW and accessories for T/L up to 500kV
  • Electrical equipment and accessories for substations up to 500kV
  • EPC projects for Solar, Wind Power Plant
  • Power Transformer, Reactors, Capacitors up to 500kV

Below are some significant milestones of the company in the attachment with the successful development of electrical products into the Electricity of Vietnam and the National market in general:

The year 2006: Officially being the representative and distributor for High Voltage Connectors, Fittings for Substations and Transmission Lines of Sangdong Korea;

The year 2006: Officially being the representative and distributor for the luxurious brand name for electrical switches and socket outlets, home automation, AVE, from Italy;

And since 2006 till now BTEC has been acting as the primacy distributor and sole agent for Silicone Insulators, Toughened Glass Insulators, Post Insulators, HV Connectors and Fittings for Substations and Transmission Lines up to 500kV, OPGW and OPGW accessories, Capacitors…of well – known and reliable manufacturers from all over the world.

Btec Co., Ltd is devotedly committed to bring about the satisfaction of our customers with the guideline and culture established and exercised ever since our establishment which is:

 “Think Customer, Think Better”